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James Hounsell
Managing Director
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We will always look for ways to assist our Clients and give them extra. When the business moves forward it is ensured that communication and quality is not compromised.

Since our inception, JGH CDM have been totally focused on building a different, strategic, quality health & safety practice.

It is not difficult to find a health and safety professional, however the difficulty comes when the professional does not have an accurate picture or exposure to the issues facing businesses in the real world. There are many pressures to contend with in modern day business and JGH CDM have been on the other side managing projects, meeting deadlines and coping with staff pressures. JGH CDM understand these environments and are able to excel where health & safety is perhaps not the priority.

Everyone needs to fulfill their legal obligations in regards to health and safety and as an employer you must appoint someone competent to help you meet these obligations. Without experience and a developed process this can be difficult. This is where JGH CDM feel their real value is.

Do not leave it to chance, find the gaps in your business.

What We Do

A competent person is someone with the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to manage health and safety.

You probably manage most aspects of your business yourself, or with help from your staff. But if you are not confident of your ability to manage all health and safety in-house, you may need some external help or advice which is where JGH CDM come in.


Satisfy yourself that your sites are not a danger to your workforce, other contractors or to the public. This will help fulfill your legal obligations under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999. It also may reduce the implications of HSE involvement. Enforcement action may lead to prosecution and substantial fines.

The value of an outside eye on health and safety practices on your project could give you so much value.

Company Assessment Services

If  you have a requirement to contract or sub contract any part of your business it is a requirement that you assess that they are competent to carry out the work.

This assessment must be on going to capture any changes in the business, changes to scope of work, changes in H&S performance, HSE actions/notices and many other elements. JGH CDM have well developed processes to support you in this.


Completion, Management & Storage of documentation can be difficult but it is essential if you are to meet your obligations for Health & Safety.


Whether this be general H&S Information, Construction Phase Plans, Health & Safety Files, Inspections, PQQ or anything else we can assist.

H&S Accreditations

There are many health and safety accreditation's that can undoubtedly add value to your business, give you the edge in tenders and improve your H&S culture within your business. A few of note are SafeContractor, Chas, Constructionline and Considerate Constructors.

If you wish to discuss the right option for you, contact us and we can advise and take you through the process.


Training is vital to your business. When it comes to health and safety training the value is clear and it can inspire a positive culture. Face to face workshops can be really effective and offer a different working environment.

We also offer E-Learning across a number of areas. We ensure that these courses are well developed, accreditated where possible and engaging. Visit our training portal.

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