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JGH CDM Safety provide accredited and approved online training courses covering varied health and safety topics


If  you have a requirement to contract or sub contract any part of your business it is a requirement that you assess that they are competent to carry out the work.

Laptop and Phone
Construction Work


All our e-learning courses are accredited, test based and once completed individual certificates of attendance will be available to download.

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Health & Safety

It is the employer's responsibility to provide construction safety training before work begins in order to avoid future injuries or fatalities. Construction safety training is vital for keeping employees safe and healthy, as well as avoiding harm or tragic events.

Safety Wear


Health and safety training for hospitality staff means they're ready to handle any situation that arises.

They'll have the confidence to take action should a situation develop, or spot the signs of an accident before it happens and prevent anyone from getting hurt.

Health & Social Care

It is extremely important that specialist training in care. This will prevent accidents and minimise the likelihood of injury to the individuals you support, yourself and others.

Nurse with Patient
Working at home


The primary function of any school provision is teaching and learning, but to do so safely is of paramount importance and time must be taken to construct rigorous health and safety measures.

Schools must ensure that staff receive information and training about health and safety.

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We also offer e-learning subscription services which could save you 50% or more

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