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Safety Made Simple

The dynamic health and safety consultancy with the flexibility to meet your unique needs.

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Whether you are a Client or not, our aim is to help you.


Our health and safety areas of expertise are

  • Construction H&S

  • Telecommunications H&S

  • Utilites H&S

  • Training

  • E-learning

  • Site Audit & Inspection

  • CDM 2015 Advisory Services

  • Documentation services

  • Supplier Assessment

  • Company Accreditation

It is not difficult to find a health and safety professional, however the difficulty comes when the professional does not have an accurate picture or exposure to the issues facing businesses in the real world. JGH CDM understand these environments and are support you to be compliant with health and safety.

Everyone needs to fulfill their legal obligations in regards to health and safety and as an employer you must appoint someone competent to help you meet these obligations. Without experience and a developed process this can be difficult. This is where JGH CDM feel their real value is.

Do not leave it to chance, find the gaps in your business.

Building Construction
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